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The Siping ltd Company provides complete design services including preparation of technical documentation in accordance with the applicable national and international standards based on which it is possible to obtain all permits and approvals necessary for the construction. When designing, we are using the latest technology, modern software programs and tools as well as our own original methods and models developed in accordance with the specific requirements of our customers. Particular attention is paid to the constant training of the employees. Our engineers have the appropriate licenses for the design and construction and years of experience required while planning and implementing the projects. 


Consulting services are part of a package of Siping ltd Company professional services. To provide users with complete and timely information in order to find optimal solutions in all phases of design, starting from the initial analysis of user needs, planning and optimization of investment choices and the structure of the equipment, as well as the proper use and maintenance of the system after the implementation of the project.

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Blok 67a - Beograd

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Ikea - Beograd

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Nano Centar - Beograd

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Sportska Hala - Inđija


Activities include performing on a turnkey system which includes purchase, delivery and installation of the equipment within the power systems, telecommunications systems, intelligent system installation as well as their testing, commissioning and integration into a single system easy to use and maintain. 

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Beograd na vodi

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Beograd na vodi

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Life active centar

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Professional supervision during the construction of the facility involves coordination of individual contractors, field quality control of performed work and reporting to the user on the dynamics and the status of the project.

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Crowne Plaza - Beograd

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Envy Hotel - belgrade

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japanska ambasada

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D Company

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Poslovni objekat Kibid

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Privatan stan

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Privatna kuca

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Splav Corso

What are Smart Homes and Intelligent electro-installations? 

One system instead of more detached

Compared to the conventional electrical installations, the intelligent electrical installations offer numerous advantages. All the different functional subsystems in the facility are now linked in one communication system which provides optimal and energy-efficient interaction of all subsystems in the facility and which is difficult to achieve with conventional technologies. This system enables interactive control of a large number of various subsystems including : 


More comfort and security, lower costs 

By connecting all subsystems into a single interactive system, we get the possibility to control the system via remote control, central monitor touch screen, Internet, mobile phones with predetermined grouped functions or individual functions related to one subsystem. Also the system controls itself all the subsystems based on the input parameters: the presence of people in the rooms, the position of the sun, the outside temperature, the water detection, the smoke detection...

Comfort - e.g.: 

pressing a single button on the remote control we obtain a pre-programmed scene "watching a movie" that automatically dims the lights, closes the blinds, sets the temperature in the room to desired...

Safety - e.g.:

in the case of floods, the inlet valves close automatically to prevent further ingress of water, all power supply stops apart the light in order to avoid electrical shock and fire and you immediately receive a message to your mobile phone.

Reducing costs - e.g. : 

in winter, the system detects that you have left some room and automatically turn off the lights, the heating is reduced to the optimum, the blinds are raised so that the room is further warmed by solar energy. By re- entering, all the subsystems return to prior state [leaving the room].



the solutions offered by Siping Ltd. are based on the only world recognized and certified technology of intelligent wiring KNX / EIB. It is based on the communication of all devices in the system via a single TP (twisted pair) cable significantly reducing installation costs comparing to the other conventional and intelligent technologies. It also provides great flexibility and modularity as recognized by the leading manufacturers of all equipment so that equipment from different manufacturers are compatible for use in a system. Later modifications and extensions of the system are possible with minimal investment while maintaining existing equipment and installations.   



The technology that we offer is applicable to all types of facilities: residential, commercial, public, general-purpose facilities, industrial facilities, and other.  


Return on investment 

Return on investment is manifold, ranging from savings in cable installations, saving electricity and heat, increasing the value of the facility that owns this system and save later when repurposing or expanding the facility...  


The path from idea to realization 

All you have to do is to contact us so that our professional team will note your requirements and complement them with their suggestions in order to provide all system functions.. Upon approval, we design the project and make an evaluation of investment. Upon approval of the project, we perform the installations and the first programming of the system. After some time, we re-program the system to adapt it to your habits and preferences. You only need to enjoy the comfort and luxury in maximum energy efficiency provided by this system. 

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Danila Lekica

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Danila Lekica Fasadni zid FZ1 Zapad

“Šiping” Ltd company promotes the energy efficiency from the very beginning of the actualization of this problem in the construction industry in Serbia. Šiping has licensed engineers in energy efficiency and is authorized by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning of the Republic of Serbia for issuing certificates of energy performance of buildings (Energy efficiency certificate).

Our services:

The development of the energy efficiency study includes the analysis and calculation of all the elements necessary for a valid assessment of energy performance of the building in line with existing regulations. The Elaborate of energy efficiency need to be submitted as part of the technical documentation to be attached to the building permit. Issuing certificates of energy performance of buildings (energy efficiency certificate) includes an energy audit of the building, the valuation of items in the energy audits, preparation of reports on performed energy audits and issuing energy efficiency certificate of energy performance of the building whose content is in compliance with the rules on the conditions, content and manner of issuing certificates of energy performance of buildings. The energy efficiency certificate must be enclosed within the technical documentation in order to obtain a use permit. The energy efficiency certificate and the energy efficiency study in buildings shall be developed for new buildings and for existing buildings to be reconstructed, adapted, repaired or energy rehabilitated. It also provides that energy efficiency certificate shall be issued for buildings or parts of buildings that are sold or leased. The energy efficiency certificate is a document that provides very important information to the owner and potential buyers and customers of the facility because it contains parameters for the assessment of energy consumption. Thus, in the case of buildings with high energy efficiency, we know that we have a substantial savings during the use of the facility and are therefore higher cost of such facilities in the property market. The energy efficiency certificate also contains a part that suggests how the energy efficiency of the building can be improved and therefore the potential customer talks about a possible additional investment costs. The way the building is constructed, insulated, heating and cooling system as well as the type of fuel used are the factors that define the carbon footprint of the building, that information is also part of the certificate and it is used for assessing the impact of the facility on the environment and so in a way the energy efficiency certificate is a sort of "ecological efficiency certificate".